Do you even know what the EU does?

Photo of Prague through and aeroplane window

How the public sees the EU

  • Migration crisis
  • Euro crisis
  • Senseless regulation
  • More crisis

What the EU actually does

  • Food safety measures
  • Air quality standards
  • Quality standards for drinking water
  • Water quality standards for the sea
  • Support for small and medium sized businesses
  • Passenger rights
  • Fairer trials across the whole EU and introducing the European Arrest Warrant so that criminals can be brought to justice faster
  • Global lead on climate change
  • Securing our energy supplies
  • Protects children through internet safety and toy safety
  • Coordinates help for international disasters
  • Promotes gender equality
  • Fights trafficking, abuse and violence against women
  • Improves healthcare standards across Europe
  • Controls hazardous chemicals
  • Improves consumer rights, especially online, with more transparency and improved return rights
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Employee representation in the workplace
  • Guarantees breaks and holiday times in the workplace
  • Deposit guarantee schemes so that our savings are protected up to EUR 100,000
  • Reduces telephone costs
  • Scrapped mobile phone roaming charges
  • Recognises member states’ driving licences across the EU
  • Allows us to live and work in any EU country
  • Guarantees us medical care in any EU country
  • Guarantees legal protection across the EU
  • Fights organised crime
  • Deregulated air travel to provide more competition and lower prices
  • Introduced a common currency for over 300 million people, removing exchange charges, delays and confusion
  • Guarantees freedom of religion
  • Development of regenerable energy
  • Enables students to study abroad
  • Promotes the production of European films
  • Protects the diversity of European languages
  • Promotes regional culture
  • If it were human it would wear a cape. 

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