How much equality do you want?


Or should that be “How much more equality do they want?”

Equality is equality. Either we have it, or we don’t. And by “we” I mean all of society.

There really are only two positions to take here: either you are in favour of equality, or you are against equality.

Gender equality is when women have exactly the same rights, chances, opportunities, support, exposure, payment, security, pensions, promotion and responsibility as men.

Gender equality is about men changing. It’s not something women should be having to fight for.

Gender equality is about universal childcare and family-friendly employers.

Childcare is simply a logistical task to be dealt with. It’s a question of capacity and funding. If you provide your employees with free childcare, you are getting better productivity from them. And you’re not providing free childcare to the female staff members, you’re providing it to the whole company. Everyone profits. There is no reason not to bake it into your business operations.

So when a company says in a salary negotiation (and I’ve heard this first hand) “But you weren’t here, you had a baby”, they are against equality.

When Austrian airlines only mentions pilots in the male form in articles, they are against equality.

When men earn more than women, men have to earn less. That’s not what men want to hear.

If you think that editing your document to reflect men and women is tedious and unnecessary, you are against equality (and I’ve heard this complaint from women too).


If you live in the EU and your country scores less than 100 on the Gender Equality Index (and I’ll give you a clue: they all do), then don’t go on about refugees and the rights of women in other countries.

(By the way, if you are concerned about sexual violence against women committed by immigrants, but not by people who grew up here, then you’re a racist. Sorry, but that’s a simple truth.)

Equality is good for society. To achieve equality, men have to change.

So the question is: How much equality do you want?