#8 Shocking news. 8 out of 10 people want to volunteer more!

The survey results are in. 

I'll summarise in one sentence: 

People want to volunteer more but don't have the time, and they think their employers should do more. 

My interpretation of the results is like this: 

Generally people are positive towards volunteering, but they don't have the freedom or opportunity to do it. 

People think that their workplace should do more, and there's a majority that says that their work would profit from them volunteering more. 

So what's holding them back? There are some interesting insights in the results which I will share here and discuss further. 

Summary of the results

Only 43% of recipients volunteer for an organisation.



The top reasons giving for not volunteering were: 

  • I'm already very busy (42%)
  • I haven't found the right opportunity (38%)
  • I haven't got the time (37%)

But quite significantly, 62% of those that don't volunteer would like to.


71% think their workplace has a responsibility to participate in volunteering projects. 



But only 36% said their workplace did so. So this is a direct contradiction, and there is huge room for improvement here. 

Companies need to address this urgently. 


A whopping 78% would like to spend some of their work hours on volunteering projects. 



The question asked was 'Would you welcome the opportunity to spend some of your work hours on volunteering activities?'


A majority of respondents believes that volunteering more would improve their productivity at work.



58% said yes, 29% said they don't know, and 15% said no. 



There is a discrepancy between what people want to do and what they actually do. 

Almost two-thirds of those who don't volunteer said they would like to. The reasons for not volunteering are mostly practical (time and opportunity). The will is there. 

There is no widespread connection between work and volunteering, but people would like there to be one. Two-thirds say their companies don't organise volunteer activities, but 7 out of 10 think they should. 


The survey was distributed amongst a private network of friends and acquaintances, who shared it with their contacts. I received 99 responses between 18 October and 13 November 2015. The survey was created with Typeform.

There was no selection of the participants at all and I acknowledge that the results are not representative of a wider group. 

Here's a PDF report of the results, and CSV and XLSX files of the full data.