#10 I started a charity

In my last post I spoke about my reaction to the civil war in Syria and the reactions in Europe to what was perceived as a "refugee crisis". 

That's when I coined the phrase "it's only a crisis if you're not dealing with it". 

Something had to be done. And then Eva Barwart-Reichelt came along with an idea so simple, so beautiful and so powerful, that I had to join her. 

So we launched united heartbeat. We buy instruments for musicians who have fled their home countries due to war, violence and persecution. Here's our short video (in German). 

We want musicians to be able to make music. I always had an instrument when I needed one. What could be more satisfying than making sure musicians can make music? 

If you think that sounds like a good idea, you can do three things (preferably all three of them): 

  1. Follow us on Facebook
  2. Send us some money – however little. Seriously though, Facebook likes are great, but we need money to do this. 
  3. Tell all your friends about us. Ask them if they have a trumpet lying around that needs a new owner. Ask them to donate. Go on – do it.