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Let's talk about making things better, heroes, good causes, volunteering, marketing and music.

Jonathan Irons, taken by Julia Wesely

I'm Jonathan Irons

I help companies communicate and sell things online.


I run the Naxos Works Database, a fantastic classical music resource.

I help manage Artaria Editions, a fine publisher of 18th century music.

I help do their online marketing. They're one of the leading online music retailers in Germany.

Get in touch if you want to know more.  

Social Engagement

I'm a co-founder of united heartbeat, a wonderful charity that gives instruments to musicians who have fled their home countries. We've raised over EUR 25,000 so far and spent it all on instruments!

I also co-founded Vienna Greeters, a vibrant association of more than 140 volunteers that offers free walks to people visiting Vienna. We have organised more than 1,600 free walks for over 4,080 people since January 2015.

I'm a proud member of the Station Wien Kontaktepool and Sprachencafé and a partner of Médecins sans Frontières Austria


Here are the latest blogposts:

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Heroes. Everyone has them.


It's interesting and rewarding to stop for a moment and think about the people who have influenced you most in your life. 

Why did they have such a positive impact? How can I follow their example? Do I event want to? 

Here's my list