Tony Ireland

Tony was my first ever school music teacher. He gave his free time – as many teachers do – to teach us youngsters jazz and all manner of other things. 

He gave me a solid kick in the right direction and showed me that the worthwhile things in life are not necessarily on the curriculum. 

Heather Edwards

My old sheet music still bears the hallmarks of Heather's virtuosic and skilled musical instruction. ‘Sturm und Drang’ would be followed by ‘Breathe, damn you!’. 

Heather taught me to breathe, and to play the piece, not the notes.

Heather invented and runs Music Mirrors, an amazing free resource for people with dementia. 

Inge and Niels Eje

Inge and Niels Eje are musicians, inventors, producers, researchers, investors, pioneers and friends. And to top it all, they're dreadfully nice. 

They'd be on this list alone for inventing MusiCure – Music as Medicine. But the real reason is that whatever they do, they do it with passion, dedication and hard work, and for this they continue to inspire me.

Seth Godin

Including Seth on this list is by no means original or exclusive. He's a widely published author and blogger on marketing, and to be honest, doing the right thing.

Reading his blog and his books have influenced me a huge amount. This website would not exist without him. 

If you don't know him, this video is a perfect introduction. Welcome to my world. 


Shirley Hallums

Shirley conspired with the National Union of Teachers to go on strike the one and only time I was supposed to sing in a school musical. The rest is history. 

Shirley Hallums taught music not as a ‘subject’ but by deft encouragement and tireless extra-curricular effort (you see the pattern?).  

Thomas Rohde

It's difficult to pinpoint what makes Thomas special (as I'm sure he'd agree). I'm going to go with genius mathematician and thinker. Throw him a problem or a question and he will analyse it and come back with a sharp insight that no one else could give you.  

Right now, he's the CEO of Music Export Denmark, helping Danish bands get a foothold in the international market. They should consider themselves lucky to have him fighting their corner. 

Palle Bisgaard

Palle is a mentor in the truest sense of the word, and a dear friend.

He is generously patient, listens very carefully to what you say and always has a sensible suggestion or some helpful words of advice. 



Interesting. Excluding Seth, the people on my list are either music teachers, or Danish. I suppose that means something. 


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