My non-profit work

I’m very proud of the non-profit work I do. In fact, I wonder sometimes about the word “non-profit”, because I think there’s always a profit, even if it isn’t money.

I’ve learned a lot about communication, community, reliability, preparedness and dealing with the unexpected.

I’m a co-founder of Vienna Greeters, a vibrant association of more than 140 volunteers that offers free walks to people visiting Vienna. We have organised more than 1,800 free walks for over 4,500 people since January 2015.

I also co-founded united heartbeat, a wonderful charity that gives instruments to musicians who have fled their home countries. We've raised over EUR 25,000 so far and spent it all on instruments!

I'm a proud member of the Station Wien Kontaktepool and a partner of Médecins sans Frontières Austria