My story

Modern, lean marketing can actually be fun.

I’ve watched the development of the internet and seen how it changed marketing.

I built websites, ran shops and sent emails to lists.

But the internet kept changing how we process information, and this changed how marketing works.

For example, I’m genuinely disappointed when someone says that they don’t like email marketing. That’s because so often, it’s simply done badly. If you do it well – and there’s really no reason not to – your audience won’t even perceive it as marketing.

The main thing I learned though is that you don’t have to do everything, everywhere, for everyone.

Phew, what a relief.

But you can concentrate on improving one simple thing: the relationship with your audience (your customers and your future customers).

The great thing is that doing marketing well isn’t more expensive or time-consuming than doing it badly. But the results are better!

This is why I have concentrated more and more on identifying a few, small things to be tweaked and measured, to find out what works. Tweak, measure and repeat.

My experience has been rewarding and satisfying. I hope to share these successes and continue my story with you.